ShineAlight Gems fuses the powerful passion of three artisans to showcase the natural elements of the world.

Sawumma, Shelagh and Vivian source from Sri Lanka, a tropical island shadowed by volcanoes. Here, in Eve’s time, molten rock streamed over the mantle of the globe penetrating the veins and transforming rock shards into alluvial streams of rainbows which then crystallized. These ancient fragments, our gem stones of today, formed through fire and ice, are ethically sourced by Sawumma. His blood knowledge of the rock cycle allows him to harvest the hot core of the earth, select the best material and facet their beauty for you.

In Hong Kong, Vivian and Shelagh, authenticate the stones. All gems have a gem certificate from Asian Gemology.

For the wearer, the purity of these gems can harmonize the energy in the body, soothe emotions and link us to Nature and Nature’s treasures.

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